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Fast and certain negotiation process
Investitori Associati is an independent management company formed by a team of professionals entirely based in Milan. Its decision making bodies are composed exclusively of members of the management team: therefore, our counterparties can be sure to get fast and reliable responses, without risking that what has been already agreed with us is overruled by other decision makers afterwards.

Credibility, confidentiality and fairness
In evaluating investment opportunities, Investitori Associati treats any information it has access to as strictly confidential, abiding by fairness and honesty in dealing with potential vendors. The reliability of Investitori Associati is based on over 20 years of experience in the investment activity in all industrial and service sectors.

Ability to finalize complex transactions
Investitori Associati has a proven ability to get involved rapidly and effectively, also in complex business situations such as restructurings or acquisitions from insolvency proceedings. Due to its wide and consolidated network of contacts with experienced managers in different sectors, Investitori Associati can also consider investments characterized by lack of key managerial resources.

Financial strength
In addition to its own capital, acquisitions are often carried out using third party debt fžnancing. The excellent relationships with the main Italian and foreign financial institutions give Investitori Associati access to capital and financial instruments, facilitating the completion of large and complex investments.

Flexibility and creativity
Due to the broad experience in dealing with complex situations and the swiftness of its decision making process, Investitori Associati is able to structure its transactions in flexible and creative ways, in order to meet the specific needs of its counterparts.

Active management partnership
Without interfering with current management, Investitori Associati is an active and experienced partner, always available to provide support to its portfolio companies, such as in the definition of strategies, in extraordinary and financial transactions, and in sharing any relevant business decision.

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